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    Default how to buy cheap domains?

    how to buy cheap domains?

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    Look for promotions and coupons, stay away from "big registrars".

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    Their are many website that provides cheap domain names and hosting too.But it depend on your need, which domain you want choose.

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    Till yet, go Daddy providing very cheap domain for sale but this site also increases their prices. If any one know about any cheap domain seller site please mention here. Very thankful to you.

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    Stay away from go daddy ..., i suggest to search for best cheapest domains

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    I like godaddy. you must make an account with them and on your first purchase you will get a huge discount. Also you will get promotions and discounts occasionally so wait for there email and then buy more if you need. Also there are some old unused name providers as well. you can look in to them as well.
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    search for domain registrations in google or search those that give promo coupon. In fact, there are plenty out there where you can get it easily. Or maybe you can search for promo package, like instead of only getting domain. Get web hosting that free domain, some hosting provider do that.

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    Here are six tips to buying great, cheap domainnames.

    • Don't Settle with "Close Enough" Domains. ...
    • Buy From an Established Registrar. ...
    • Brain Storm Before Your Begin Searching. ...
    • Buy Your Domain Name for 2 Years Minimum. ...
    • Don't Buy Auctioned Names. ...
    • Read the Fine Print

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    Go to domain auctions or check some forums threads, where people sell domain names.
    Also, AHnames have some good deals. Check them out.

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    Dont belive in Cheap domains...initially the provide offer, later for renewal they will ask your more money for renewal

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