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    Default Back links per day for competitive niche ?

    How many number of Back links per day can I create for competitive niche ?

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    Hello Cranberry, Competitors backlink analysis is an good technique in search engine optimization but if we are creating bulk backlinks as our competitors created then definitely we will punish by Google. As my experience you need to create five links for a day, that will be enough.

    One more thing I want to discuss here, There is also a possibility where your competitors created the backlinks may be a bad or poor backlinks. So, you should need to check every backlink manually, do not create backlinks blindly.

    Thank You

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    Thanks for sharing this valuable information

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    Focus on the quality of links than the number of links

    Quote Originally Posted by cranberry View Post
    How many number of Back links per day can I create for competitive niche ?

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    There isn't any count on the backlinks. You need to focus on quality of backlinks that you build for your webpage. Backlinks from high quality content and relevant webpages will help to rank your keywords higher in Google searches.
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    SEO is all about Quality links not about quantity of links..

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    I think OP knows the answer better than us for this question as Forum Signatures show.

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    The count doesn't matter in SEO but if you are able to grab one backlink from content which you publish after some time you get enough boost for keywords. So focus to get a backlink from high DA website with the same niche.

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    You have to build atleast 4-5 quality backlinks per day for your competitor niche.

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