The provider you select must meet certain requirements to ensure that it will meet the expectations of your website. In the following paragraphs, we will tell you how to choose a hosting service
Evaluate your needs first before knowing details about the services. Be clear that you want to achieve with the site. Is it a static or dynamic website? Will it be for personal or professional use? How many visitors do you expect to receive? With what budget do you have accounts?
Usability and technical capacity. That the control panel is easy to use, that it uses security tools, appropriate bandwidth, what managers it uses or if it specializes in any of them, etc.
You must provide timely technical support. The web can fail at any time and you will need someone to support you to solve the problem. Even better if they are themselves - who realize that something is wrong, this will speak of their responsibility. You can find out their availability before hiring them; write them and look at the response time. They must offer several means of contact: telephone, email, live chat ...
It has to be reliable. Check comments on the provider in social networks, blogs, and websites. There you will find information about interruptions, response times, among others.
The provider must offer a backup service or Cloud backup. These are necessary to support the content of the site and recover it in case of any problem. The best hosting services offer it. Confirm that you yourself can access the backup from the control panel. It is also possible to contract external services.
In addition to hosting and backup copies, look at what other add-ons the company offers. It is important that you have protection services to make continuous control of the site to warn in time any possible attack or security holes that make it vulnerable.
In this sense, they must also offer anti-spam solutions to protect the web from viruses, malware attacks and other threats on the Internet.