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  1. Default What is the different between VPS to Cloud Hosting?

    Hi, I am Blogger. Want to buy a hosting package that help my website to take 20K live traffic. So which hosting is better for me?

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    You can try Prestigious Hosting - - The business or Prestigious plan would be great to host your website.

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    > In a VPS hosting, one substantial devoted server is apportioned into numerous servers and afterward, they are virtualized further, while a cloud server is an expansive setup of a system of machines associated together.
    >Depending on the asset prerequisite a part of cloud servers are leased to customers and it can be scaled up whenever whereas VPS has its confinements.
    >The vast majority of the cloud organizations offer to pay as you utilize display which is not the same as VPS utilization where you for month to month, regardless of whether you utilize it for an entire month or not.
    >In Cloud, asset scaling or adaptability is simpler than that of VPS.
    >In VPS, the working framework will be same as the OS of the parent server, though, in the cloud server, you have the opportunity to introduce wanted OS.
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    I would like to know more about cloud hosting? How it works?
    We are going to start new project in company and I have a huge knowledge gap in cloud Hosting and I have concerns that this can effect this new project negatively.
    If you have some materials, can you share here?
    Or you can write me a private message.

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    Cloud server are very much like a VPS hosting procedure. The main difference between these two is that instead of a single server that is solely working for your website like in VPS, the resources of cloud hosting is spread out on a different physical machines.

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    Thanks for sharing this . Keep blogging!

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    Cloud hosting is based on cloud technology and provides more security compared to any other types of hosting services.
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    VPS hosting, sometimes also known as "Private Cloud", is based on servers which are crafted using virtualization mechanisms. VPS running without any disruption in service.
    Cloud hosting is the top of the line website hosting solution available presently. Cloud runs the other web hosting services, like file storage, FTP, SFTP, etc.

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    Cloud hosting resources are salable as per your need. You can scale up your resources when there is a high traffic due to an event. On VPS resources are dedicated but its on a shared node. You can't scale up your resources immediately. You need to see the option to upgrade .

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