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    Default What's the best administration tool?

    I've used cPanel and dreamhost's custom tool... Any else that are worth mentioning?

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    lxadmin is quite good. It's very similar to cPanel and it's free. Plus it comes with most of the features that cPanel comes with.
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    Hmm, I've never tried that one. Ill definitely have to find a way to check it out.. Always interested in seeing how it's like for others

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    CPanel is quite good.I like Cpanels which RVSKins enabled.They are really good.
    But the problem with Cpanel is that it consumes a lot of resources.
    So i prefer lxadmin which is low on memory usage.

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    I like Cpanel too. Its full of helpful options. DirectAdmine is the next thing I prefer but it doesnt has Fantastico which is a shame.

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    cPanel and Plesk are the most widely-used admin tool. But there are some new product out there, such as ServerPilot, VPSrobots, and goPanel for iSO. I tried VPSrobots and found that it might be the most economical one, because it can manage unlimited servers and websites with one lisence.

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    cPanel is Good & easy to use, But cpanel consumes Lot of data So you can also try lxadmin, Its Similar with cPanel And Low on Memory usage, and you can also try some new Products like goPanel, MySQL Workbench.

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    Cpanel is the best administration tool because it is simple and easy to use interface with an advanced tool which enables it to appeal to both the new user and experienced professional.

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    Here are some hosting control panels.
    Cpanel is the most commonly used.

    Hosting panels

    CentOS Web Panel
    BountySite : Bounty Security on WebSite backup
    de facto for all Hosting Environments

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