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    Default How to select the domain SEO friendly?

    How to select the domain SEO friendly?

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    Below are some guidelines as how to select seo friendly domain name :

    1. Keep it short
    2. Avoid Hyphens and other special characters
    3. Make it Brandable
    4. Use a short keyword

    Hope this will help you.

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    Do some keyword research and shortlist the most important organic keyword for you.

    Try to Keep domain name short as possible and avoid spell confusing words.
    Try to have domain with alphabets only.
    Try to cover your keyword in domain itself. for SEO is keyword comes in Domain, Title, Description and first H1 tag, then its really a good sign.

    Hope this will help you.

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    For the maximum of how many keywords can we have for the single domain to be SEO friendly?

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    Choose domain with simple keywords that your niche target customer use a lot . Most of the time you dont get such a domain. You can even look at some domain selling sites to purchase a domain that suits your niche industry.

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