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    Youtube is a simple way to get traffic when users search their keywords on Google & Youtube!
    Generally, It is very effective but in 2018 it based on your skills in Content Marketing, Call-to-actions techniques!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MoulanaRafi View Post
    Is Youtube Important For Marketing?
    Yes you can post your ads on youtube and also get audiences on your videos to market your prou

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    Hi, as the users are shifting from blogs to youtube, youtube has become the most influencing platform in the world. So when we think of youtube marketing, yes its effective and costly as well.

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    Adding rich snippets to your video can help with indexing and ranking. Finally, YouTube has the potential to impact your rankings in search if you do YouTube SEO properly. Google also owns YouTube and often displays videos in relevant search results. A well-ranked video can help to increase exposure even in standard SERPs. This could raise awareness on your prospected targets.
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    Yes its very important for marketing and advertisement of each and every product.

    Benefits of you tube marketing :-

    1. Capture Attention
    2. Generate High Traffic Volumes
    3. Experiment with Viral Marketing
    4. Gain ROI from Multiple Video Marketing Channels
    5. Boost Search Engine Ranking
    6. Integrate with Your Social Media Marketing
    7. Reach Global Audiences

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    Quote Originally Posted by aanchalkaura View Post
    Yes, Youtube is very important for internet marketing. It is a part of digital marketing in which we can easily viral our services by video clip. Most of the people are using youtube for watching movies, educational video, informative video etc. We can easily target of audience by Youtube marketing.
    Yes, You said right information. YouTube is one of the marketing way to grow your business and it's also increase your website traffic.

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    YouTube marketing is important to small businesses because of the potential for your video to go "viral" or get tons of views from a lot of potential customers. It is repeatedly shared on social media sites or by email with thousands of viewers generating a large amount to traffic to your video and your website.

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    Yes, youtube is a great tool for marketing. Video marketing is the best converting out of all the types of marketing strategies.

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    Video has become an integral part of Internet users' online experience, and no site hosts more videos than YouTube. The site boasts more than 3 billion video views per day, making it an excellent place for marketers to find consumers. It reaches to global. youtube is very important for marketing to get more views and visitors to the website.

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    Youtube is having more than 4 billion users per day and its very important for social media marketing.

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