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    Default Installing WordPress manually or automatically, which is best?

    We can design beautiful websites with WordPress using simple tools and free themes. WordPress is best platform for personal blogging and sharing latest articles regularly with your audience. It is seo friendly and loading is faster. Hosting companies are offering automatic installation feature where database will be created automatically. We can customise many things if we install manually. What is your choice?

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    I recommend manual installation, there is no doubt automatic installation is fast but manual installation containing the step by step guide that helps you understand the WordPress (how it actually installed, the steps that is required for installation).

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    Manual installation is a better option if you are not well known for wordpress. By manual installation you can observe and proceed with one by one steps and that will beneficial for you got the knowledgeable points.

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    I recommend manual too, if you are a beginner it's better.

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    The main advantage of having WordPress as a one click app installation is that it saves time and also many web hosts have pre-configured settings and plugins that are installed when you install a new instance of WordPress.

    Going through manual installation of WordPress on web servers is kind of a tedious job, if you manage multiple WP sites for clients.

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    automatic if you don't know much about WordPress and blogging & advanced if understand what you are doing.

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    MOJO Marketplace provides a simple WordPress installer tool. Several hosting companies use this to provide a 1-click WordPress install experience. This installer is integrated into their cPanel dashboard.

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    I vote for manual installation. The reason I suggest manual is that if you do that then you'll have a greater understanding of how WordPress was installed and what you did. That makes it easier for you to support your site and you learn a small amount about system administration.

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