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    Default All About Ghost Spirit

    Ghost a word that when you feel, get scared why? why we all have many illusions and fear about ghost spirits? because we all get scared about all those thing which we actually dont know for example, darkness, if you get yourself in dark room you feel scared because you are not friendly with this darkness, same is on ghost. as in humans some are good and some are bad same is there, some are good and some are bad. A bad soul can make your life hell but a good soul can also bring fortune to you. There are many rituals given to invoke for those spirits in all religion. People practice over it also but how many get success that a successful person can tell only.

    In my eyes, once upon a time in delhi i was in hotel, i went there for some work, in hotel i stayed till 3 days, every night i fell someone walking around bed, someone moving inside room, always, i seen some kind of blur human figure in the room at the 3rd night (my last day) i asked about it to hotel staff they said, actually where is the hotel placed there was a house, 12 people got died in this place due to fire accident. but manager denied all and said nothing is there sir, anyways it was my last day i left the room and came back but that night i still have in my memories.

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    Spooky experience friend..i'd be so terrified if that happened to me "Goose bumps"

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    The most well-known of all apparitions spotted is as a rule of a perished individual, somebody you know, a relative or maybe even a chronicled figure.

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