hello dear i have seen a post here someone is asking what is the importance of domain in seo. here telling you because it is really dangerous for seo.

in seo we make links and optimize site from hard work and lot of problem comes to do the seo of a website. but after doing complete seo when your site get rank on search engine and people start coming there to see your pages. if you have sub domain so anytime hosting service provider can make your site freeze because subdomain means you are 100% depend on the host. due to their rules regulations changing, their irritating excuses they can shut off your site and nothing you can do there in that case.

If you have domain and in any case your hosting service provider shut off your site so no need to worry you can take back up of all your content and shift domain from previous to next hosting service provider and keep site live again.

In case if have subdomain and site get removed so nothing you can do by law and your all hard work that you do for seo work will be wasted and again you have to built your site from new step and do seo and wait long to have rank.