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    use search engine you will get the list and follow up

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    What is your purpose of using Dedicated Hosting?
    Will you be hosting a website, using it as a backup, using it as streaming servers? have good range of servers in Netherlands, USA and Russia. Check out once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt_Pro View Post
    How to choose a good dedicated server

    Features of a good dedicated server primarily depends on your requirements. So the first step to choosing a dedicated server is analyzing your server requirements. Secondly, start researching for the best option available.

    Here are some basic guidelines to help your research:

    The technological aspects of the server itself have to come first in your consideration. Basically pay attention to processor speed, bandwidth, OS used in the server and the software stacks you want to run.

    Xeon processors support ECC memory and this would be the way to go if server uptime and reliability are crucial to you. Xeon is the best choice for high performing servers because it supports multiple CPUs. What's more, it also supports virtualization! All dedicated servers offered by CloudCone have Xeon processors.

    The next concern is bandwidth. Basically if you're hosting websites that attract high rates of traffic or if you're planning to have High Definition images or multimedia files, the higher your bandwidth is, the better.

    It also matters whether the server is Linux based or Windows based. Linux servers are naturally cost effective Because they're open source and there's no licensing. They also require less server power to run. One reason why people may prefer Windows though is because they're much more comfortable with a Windows system. However if you decide to get out of your comfort zone and use Linux, the dashboard that you require to configure it is cPanel. And cPanel is a great dashboard with amazing security.

    The software stack that you will be using has to be licensed by Microsoft if you opt for a Windows server. So to use stacks like LAMP you require a Linux system.

    Since this is a dedicated server you also would have to make sure that the data center tier is appropriate for you. If a tier 1 data center is too little for you it obviously does not always mean that a tier 4 infrastructure is suitable. Go through your redundancy requirements and how crucial uptime is to you before investing in something that would go to waste.

    However it is more important to consider how secure the data center is. Make sure that the data centers aren't located in risky locations, open to natural disasters and that fire protection systems in the building have been well set up.

    Access to the data center should always be available only to authorized parties and it should have great defense mechanisms against hackers.

    Hope this helped.

    There are lots of other areas you need to research on when choosing a dedicated server and hopefully you take enough time in making the best decision 😊

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    Dedicated hosting is an entire server and all of its resources are dedicated to one single client. It is also known as a single-tenant server. This is one of the costliest server solutions. You can choose web werks dedicated server hosting for your business.

    Benefits of Hosting With Web Werks

    1) Robust Security
    2)Choose Your Own OS
    3)Rapid Action Support
    4)Control Panel5)FULLY MANAGED DEDICATED SERVERS6)99.995% Guaranteed Uptime SLA

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    Committed facilitating has its own focal points, including the way that it gives super fast stack times even while confronting substantial movement. As its assets are not shared, this gives your site 100% of the preparing power. This takes into consideration ideal execution, assisting with Google rankings and SEO.

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    Thanks for this valuable info.

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    How about we investigate the best five different ways you can utilize a committed server. Site Hosting. With regards to utilizes for a committed server, site facilitating tops the rundown. Amusement Server Hosting. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) Information Syncing. Correspondence Services. You Can Do a Lot with Dedicated Servers.

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    dedicated server are of two types physical dedicated server and virtual dedicated server. cloud is something like virtual dedicated server not all but mostly which comes as a dedicated server. physical dedicated server is really a single machine that is built for you so no sharing at all.

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    Processor: How incredible you need the server to be?
    For virtualization, video-transcoding, SQL, or particular applications like talk servers, you require a Xeon or double Xeon server.
    Data transmission: After having a thought of the traffic to your site, settle on the transfer speed required. In the event that your site sees high traffic, go for more transfer speed. On the off chance that you intend to run contents, have HD pictures, or stream sight and sound records, at that point go for high data transmission servers.
    Memory: Memory is critical so as to choose the proficiency of your server and quicker stacking of your site. More RAM = Better Speed.
    Depending upon your requirements, choose in the event that you need a Windows devoted server or Linux committed server. You should likewise consider the sort of your application.
    Capacity: Know your information stockpiling prerequisites of your site. You can pick from a few hard drive alternatives. Typically, RAID is favored in such a case that there is an equipment disappointment, every one of your information will be lost. Strike is basic for mirror replicating.
    Application: You require a Windows Dedicated Server in the event that you are hoping to have MS SQL, ASP.NET or Microsoft IIS. Go for Linux Server in the event that you use LAMP or MEAN stack or an application that does not require a particular Microsoft permit.

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