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    Facebook will take over Yahoo, believe it or not ...

    This is a famous saying spread on forums 12 years ago. And most of the Yahoo users do not believe, that is just a rumor to promote Facebook (At present, may be some of you do not know Yahoo, but in a sense, more than 20 years ago, World leader in social networking is Yahoo !.
    - On August 23, 2005, Facebook spent $ 200,000 to buy and officially changed its name to Facebook, instead of The Facebook as originally.
    - On April 6, 2006, Facebook plans to add two new functions, "New Feeds" and "Mini Feeds" (actually implemented on September 5, 2006).
    After having this information, "Facebook will take over Yahoo, believe it or not, depending on you" has spread rapidly in the forums.
    And you know?
    On July 19, Yahoo shares lost nearly 22% due to the resonance of information on the forums and Yahoo's delayed launch of new search engines. This is the most bearish session of Yahoo. Reference links from pioneer newspapers can be viewed here.
    Tuesday, July 17, 2012, Yahoo messenger service officially dominates the world over 10 years and closed down after 20 years of operation. Link here.
    And Facebook is the name that replaces Yahoo's dominance of social networking.

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    very nice. socialnetworking facebook I really like.
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    I think facebook is currently the most developed social network in the world today, so whether there is any network can replace in the future is not. Can you share your help?
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    facebook is a reputable social network and is used by many people in the world today. Hopefully there is a social network that can replace it.

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    It is a great social network that is very useful, has a lot of background and modern technology to help people in today's society
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