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    Default Good web hosts with high uptime?

    Hey guys,
    I would like to ask about the most reliable hosts with these specs:
    20 gbs of disk space, 700 GB of bandwidth, Linux.
    What are your views on this host called - is it good?
    What can you say about their web hosting packages? Any discounts?

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    I have seen good feedbacks about their services. But still recommend you to broaden your search.
    Try considering and their website hosting deals. It is one of the few companies on the Internet known as a true hosting provider!

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    It seems to me that will meet your expectations on the most favorable terms.
    You can use coupon code DPN15 for 15% off any service.

    Good communication and customer service is key to a great web-host, and it has these qualities in spades.
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    Good web hosts are available form and
    These guys will take care of you and they don't make you feel out of place or like you are a bother to them.

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    I just moved my site to for a couple of reasons. Their price is great.
    They also have exceptional customer service. I had no problems getting everything set up.

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