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    Default Wordpress Plugin review - Database Driven widgets

    Improve your Site Origin site with database driven gadgets. The greater part of the gadgets work best while on top of it.

    Reusable Layouts:
    Manufacture preset formats and render them anyplace with the Render Layout gadget. Reusable designs can be sorted out with Tags and Categories. Whenever utilized in the loop they can manufacture dynamic result in light of the present post. Basically make a design Under PB Layouts and render it with the Render Layout gadget.
    The Field:
    Get information from Advanced Custom Fields and transfer them with Page Builder. Supported field composes: Text, Text zone, Number, Range, Email, URL and Select. Can be utilized in the loop or an ACF Options page. Select requires the arrival compose to be Label.
    Get the Date:
    Shows a posts date with alternative Icon.
    “Upgrade a site with creativity”

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    all features free or require some kind of premium?
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    Six Best Plugins for Creating Tables in WordPress
    League Table
    Ultimate Tables
    Easy Table
    Visual Table Formatting Lite

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