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    Last week it was done an exchange from several currency exchanges for the sum of $ 520 BTC.- We are ready and open to cooperation! At the moment, our reserve is up to 3000 BTC per day of clear exchange coin.- Your coins do not intersect with anything, have an active trading history, are collected from the wallet pool of several -currency exchanges.- These coins are impersonal! since they make up the capitalization of the exchange.On request, we can organize more liquidity and reserves by connecting the additional exchanges.Rate "Exchanges Only" is 3%

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    What is a difference between "wallet level high" and "wallet level infinite"?We have developed a complex system of ranking wallets. This is our own development, which is only a tiny part of the whole complex. All the technical details and formulas of the complexity of the algorithm we can not tell you, unfortunately, but shotly it looks like this: in "infinite" wallets, coins are used only from exchanges, not from anyone. The wallet with the money transferred directly from the exchange or from the miner ranks highest. In each new use in system the wallet rating goes down by a certain amount.

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    Why should I set multiple payout addresses?In all tariffs except for the Standard rate, the system does not allow to use fewer than two wallets for funds withdrawal to enhance transaction anonymity, this is why we recommend using as many addresses as possible to transfer the entire amount. Also, please note that using too many addresses you can face a situation when the transaction fee in the Bitcoin network will be identical or even exceed the wallet amount. For instance, do not use 100 wallets to transfer 1 BTC, while two wallets for this amount will be insufficient. The best option is using 4-5 wallets so that each wallet could have 0,2-0,25 BTC landed. Please NEVER MERGE funds in one wallet address after having them processed! This will lead all of your effort to naught. Keep your coins in as many wallet addresses as possible and never combine your transfers from these wallets into one transaction.

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    I want to send a large transaction, can I be sure I will get my money back?First and foremost, we are doing our best to maintain our positive reputation. It would be shortsighted of us to steal your money as we are sure to earn considerably more over the longer term. Besides, we don’t want to run the risk of losing our customers and wasting all our time and energies put in BitMaximum. Furthermore, all of our transactions are signed with a digital certificate. Last but not the least, you can process your coins in subsequent transactions, splitting them into smaller parts. With the BitMaximum algorithm, you will never get your own coins back regardless of the number of transactions you’ve made.

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    What should I do if I close my browser before my transaction is confirmed?As long as you have the receiving address, you have nothing to worry about. All Bitcoin transfers will be automatically processed within the next 72 hours.When does the receiving address expire?All automatically generated wallet addresses are valid for 72 hours to prevent reuse. After the expiration of this period the address as well as all order details will be completely deleted, future payments to this address will be ignored.

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    Why is it dangerous to use usual mixer services?Usual mixers to use for withdraw the money is really extremely dangerous. Typically, a usual mixer mix "someone else's dirt" with your coins. After that, it turns out that the user hoped to clear his Bitcoin but in a result he gets someone else's coins of dubious origin.For withdrow to real use the methods (exchange from currency exchanges, from miners), where your coins will be replaced by a completely new and clean coins (necessarily white), unrelated to your past coins. This will ensure the highest level of your safety. And together with the smart mixing it will give a synergy effect.

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    ShapeShift "betrayed" the ideals and philosophy of Bitcoin!

    They implement AML / KYC procedures. Now they will collect personal data of all their customers. This means that there can be no anonymity. Now all users of ShapeShift are under surveillance.

    There is one more reason to consider ShapeShift unsafe. This use of JS on site and the absence of .onion mirrors (for TOR).

    1) I Will try to explain in simple language. When you go to the site (exchanger, exchange), you the fingerprint are taken. You are now recorded and located in big brother's database. Even if you change your IP and enter a new account, you will still be identified and associated with your past actions (chains). (And also under certain conditions with your real identity, with your personal pages in soc.networks, other services, accounts that you used on Computer). To change the fingerprints you need to use different antidetect systems that need to be professionally configured.

    This is a very deep topic and we can talk about it for many many hours. There are many services to check for fingerprinting.

    If you do not use any anonymization tools on the network, then in a detailed report of such a service, most likely, you will see that you are tracked by type of system fonts, presence or absence of ad blocker and even by type and model of video card...

    2) Sites that require enabled JS may collect a lot of information about you.
    The operating system, installed fonts, graphics card, version of graphics cards will affect how your fingerprint will look like drivers, the antialiasing settings, type and browser version, as well as the features of the display. Subtle differences abound, but they hard to influence-the perfect combination for tracking. There are more than 30 options that can collect spyware sites!!!

    3) Javascript Enabled in the browser — it's not a joke — it's a compromise of the browser, computer and ultimately the user. What to do, it's up to you to decide, but I will not advise the enemy to include Javascript. And also avoid the mixing services that work through JS.

    Very soon we will provide the world with the most secure and anonymous currency exchanger! There will be a lot of liquidity, large volumes, high speed and different directions for exchange. And most importantly - your calm.

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    How we differ from other services:

    - First, we are driven by an idea! We are a community of enthusiasts, gathered together the representatives of the IT industry, for whom the phrase "private life" is not an empty phrase. We understand that not everyone is ready to sacrifice the privacy for dubious benefits. That is why we have created a service that allows you to protect yourself from too close attention of third parties to your transactions in the Bitcoin network.

    - Second: usual (the other) mixing services are morally old. The disadvantage of the usual service is that you giving a "dirty money" at the result you can also get a " dirty money", only not yours. We have added a cleaning function to the service, as a result, you get money from Bitcoin exchanges or mining. We have developed the innovative methods of mixing, improving the classical algorithms. In fact, we have everything cleverly thought out and everything is difficult (our ratings and wallet levels; unique ranking system of the wallets (the direct correlation of the level of wallet with the level of privacy); a powerful strong algorithm of randomization (at the depth of the chain, time and size of the commission); protection against Sybil Attack, etc.. And it is only a small part of the list!!! Everything is thought out to the smallest details! There is no way to trace the transaction chain using the existing services.

    - The third: the distinctive feature is our variety of tariffs. Depending on the amount of funds and the level of privacy you need, we offer different rates, the parameters of which you can study on the page
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    What does give the tariff with miners, what is it necessary for? In general, please clarify in more details what is the difference between the tariffs, except for the price, of course.

    The main disadvantage of Bitcoin is that any transaction can be tracked on the blockchain. The disadvantage of usual service of mixing is that you giving a "dirty money" at the result you can also get a " dirty money", only not yours. We have added to the service cleaning function, as a result, you get money from Bitcoin exchanges and miners. As for mining, the coins are deposited into your wallet as a reward for the creation of block, as if you are a miner.

    The coins got by the technology of mining, never have the incoming transactions. It means you get newly created completely anonymous coins with no history. Everything is from a clean page!

    Our solutions are really the best way to be sure of the origin of the coins!

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    What data is stored on your servers? How long will they be stored?
    The information about the addresses to which you need to withdraw funds are either stored for the time specified in the line - Time to send or until the withdrawal is completed. It depends what of two options will happen faster. After that the data is deleted.

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