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    Default how much does it cost to build a wordpress website?

    Can you tell me how much does it cost to build a wordpress website?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kajal View Post
    Can you tell me how much does it cost to build a wordpress website?
    Well it depends of what type of hosting service you want & for how much you are getting your domain name.
    A typical setup of a domian name and a 'shared' hosting will cost you around 50 USD or less
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    You can also get it for much lower if you use promo codes from service like godaddy

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    well depend on your pages and which features you may want to include

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    Building a wordpress website takes the time you need for 2 mouse clicks… Building a GOOD WordPress website highly depends on your requirements. I build websites -when I look at time spent and not and the time passed- between 6 and 80 hours. If custom plugins or themes have to be developed, it can take up to 300 hours.

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