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    Default Top 4 Advantages of HDD (works forever)

    The HDD is commonly used in everywhere. There is Disk like DVD inside the HDD. And It’s RPM from 5400rpm to 7200rpm. The Rpm means Disk spin of rotation per minute .

    1. The low price and High Storage you can get only on HDD.

    1. You Can Biggest Capacity on HDD only. Like 2tv 5tv 10tv etc.

    1. You Can recover your Data on HDD.

    1. You can get it easily in near able place . You will not go to a biggest market or shop.

    and last main reason to buy HDD but not in the list properly that is,
    Price :
    You can get 1 GB of HDD in only 3/3.5 cent and the
    other hand
    If you want to buy 1GB of SSD you have to pay 50cent or much more.
    That means You should pay 16multiple price to buy a SSD from HDD.
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