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    Default How to rank a specific keywords ?

    If any want focus a keyword . and it's dificculity30 to 50. Then how to rank it ?

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    Do keyword research - Select more search volume & lesser competition keyword.
    Choose a keyword relevant to your business
    Do blog posting, article submission & infographic sharing
    Promote your website in social Media sites.

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    Is that just enough ? Do you think without high search volume a keywords difficulity being 30 to 50 ?

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    In general, with any keyword, it can be done. The higher the competition, the harder to rank.

    1. Traffic - if you already have traffic check your unique views. ( if not, buy traffic from legit sellers).
    2. Build Links - not spam links. Make a ratio of 1 keyword to 1,000 unique views.
    - build links with longtail keywords and direct url too... (maybe 3 longtail keywords and 5 more relevant keywords).
    - 1 longtail is to 1,000 unique views. 5 direct url to 1,000 unique views. 3 relevant kw to 1,000 unique views.
    - with building links, spread it across social networks (fb, twitter and ig is enough), Guest Posting, commenting, and buying premium sponsored article links from non spammy sites... ( there are a ton that offer links from huffington post etc...)
    3. Keyword Search Engine Clicks - this is the hardest part but the best. You will need real users here. Let them search your Main Keyword, longtail, relevant and direct. You could use Microworkers for this. Or you could buy residential proxies and do it which painfully tasking.

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