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    Default How To Use AMP In Wordpress Site..?

    Hello friends,

    How To Use AMP In Wordpress Site..?

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    The AMP plugin for WordPress comes with very limited customization options. However you can use some other WordPress plugins to add few more customizations. If you are already usingYoast SEO, then you need to install and activate the Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP. It is an add-on plugin for Yoast SEO and AMP plugins.

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    • Step 1: Install and activate your AMP plugin(s)
    • Step 2: Set up Google Analytics
    • Step 3: Configure plugin settings
    • Step 4: Test/validate your AMP setup
    • Step 5: Submit your most important AMP URLs for indexation
    • Step 6: View in Google Search Console to troubleshoot for errors
    • Step 7: Test page speed

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