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    Default How to get More visitors?

    How to get/attract More visitors to a website?
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    Here are some ways for how to get more visitors :

    1. Create an amazing blog
    2. Give (some of) your best work away for free
    Borrow someone else’s audience
    4. Get your content into circulation
    5. Optimize your website for Google
    6. Create a mobile version of your website
    7. Guest post on high traffic websites
    8. Engage with Social media (Twitter, Facebook, google+, ,youtube, LinkedIn)

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    I have mentioned some tips how to get more visitors..

    1 - Mobile Friendly
    2 - Guest Post
    3 - Quality Content
    4 - Google Friendly

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    1. Optimize the content, URL, title, keywords
    2. Mobile friendly website
    3. Build high quality backlinks
    4. Website speed
    5. Engage with social media sites

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    Do on Page optimization, Off page optimization . Post content in your regularly. Social media marketing is the best technique to get more visitors

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    Generating traffic in organic way is better than buying traffic.
    So, organic way is to focus on popular keywords relevant, and optimize your site contents.
    Fast site with SSL, with mobile optimization
    Engage in social media
    Blog regularly with unique contents

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    Tips for more Visitor
    It Starts from Domain Name
    Length of the domain
    Quality of the pages
    Loading time
    Unique Content
    Good High PR Backlinks

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    Optimize Google's mobile first index.
    Improve Organic click through rate.
    Create an YouTube channel.
    Publish unique and awesome content.

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    1. Optimize your website content.
    2. Use Social Media Platforms.
    3. Do content outreach and guest posting.
    4. Create a System that allows you to get recurring trafic.
    5. Repackage and Repurpose your content.

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    Hi, The most effective way to get visitors is through social media,
    Firstly you need to know your audience, then know where is your audience then what they are looking for and then feed them what they want.

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