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    If any one wants to track or monitor any backlinks for any website then the paid tools are perfect for this and you will also get lots of options that must be helpful.

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    There are a few ways:

    Go to Google Webmaster Tools and check links to your site.
    Go to, enter your domain name and check backlink using the menu on the left.
    Go to and check backlinks the same way as in Semrush.
    There are many free backlinks tools but you can’t rely on them like on Semrush and other tools mentioned earlier.

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    Check In Webmaster or Free Back link Checking Websites

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    Some SEO Tools to Monitor Backlinks:
    Google Webmaster Tool

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    Using Backlink Checker...
    Such as,
    1. Google Webmaster Tools data
    2. Backlink Watch
    3. SEO Spyglass
    4. MoonSearch
    5. Ahrefs
    6. OpenLinkProfiler
    7. RankSignals
    8. BacklinkTest

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    link your website with Google Analytics. It is the easy way to monitor your website

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    The best way to monitor your backlinks is Google Webmaster Tool
    Step 1. Login to your Google Webmaster Tool
    Step 2. Select your Website to monitor.
    Step 3. On the left hand side select option Search Traffic
    Step. 4 Select option Links to your Site.

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