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    Default SEO for B2B Website

    What are the techniques to do SEO of B2B website ?

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    Hi, sharing you with these 3 tips that you can improve SEO for B2B website.

    1. Create Visibility - A simple way to do this is by customizing your page title tags and meta descriptions to convey important information and draw the customer in. To write these titles and descriptions effectively for B2B SEO, you’ll want to see your business from your customer’s point of view. What role does the searcher represent at their company? How much is their knowledge of what you offer? What is important to them? If the buyer isn’t someone who would know much about your highly technical product, draw their click by courting their priorities (could be price or customer service), and use basic language that easily understand.

    You’ll also want to consider what the customer is looking for when they perform a search. Ask yourself what each page “answers” for the customer; in other words, what phrase/keywords would a customer type into the search bar and find this page helpful in their search results? Check out the “Searches Related To ........” section at the bottom of search result pages for more ideas on what customers are looking for when they’re seeking out your offering. Include those key search phrases/keywords into your titles and descriptions to match the searcher’s intent with your content.

    2. Leverage Existing Assets - Many B2B companies have content assets such as blogs/article, whitepapers, eBooks, recorded webinars, or podcasts. Maybe you’ve been using these assets to help inform customers on industry updates, or educate them prior to a sale. Maybe you’ve even pursued some promotional efforts with these assets. Luckily for your time and wallet, leveraging these existing pieces can add a lot to a B2B SEO strategy.

    So, evaluate how visitors access this material on your site. Is it hide in a sub-sub-sub-sub-category page, or locked behind a paywall? If visitors and search engine crawling mechanisms can’t easily read or access your content, it’s a missed opportunity to seize a little more space on search result pages by answering searcher questions with your content. Consider leaving some of your content accessible to all visitors to ensure indexation and drive traffic. Having content exclusively for subscribers or customers is a great lead generation tactic, but leaving some pieces open is a B2B SEO best practice for driving customers to your site and gaining trust.

    Another tips is whether or not your content originate by your team? or is it mostly recycle from other resources? You don’t want search engines to crawl your content and judge it identical to other pieces across the web—there’s a good chance yours won’t compete with the original pieces very well, and your site could even see penalties.

    3. Traffic Conversion - B2B SEO is just as much about generating qualified leads as it is about driving traffic to a site. If an SEO campaign was driving tons of traffic but none of those visitors were converting, the value of SEO to that site just wouldn’t be that high. Furthermore, search engines like to see that visitors hover on site and engage with a site, rather than bounce off quickly, and sites with good visitor engagement also tend to see ranking boosts.

    Some basic conversion rate optimization techniques you can try are:

    • A/B testing with a tool to tweak site your design with different call to action buttons or copy
    • Examining Google Analytics to identify common exit pages (viewers’ last page before leaving your site) and pages with high bounce rates (pages that viewers land on and exit quickly) to determine if there are any trouble spots where your site is losing viewers
    • Adding SEO-friendly pop-up boxes that encourage microconversions (such as newsletter signups) and help you turn casual readers into relationships, leads, and eventually customers

    Hope It Helps! Cheers!
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