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    Default How to improve traffic of my site?

    Please, Guide me friends how to increase traffic on my site.

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    To improve the traffic you just have to follow some points to improve the traffic, you just use the below points to improve the traffic:-
    Write a unique and fresh content or article for your website.
    Try to address a niche which helps you to raise the traffic.
    Create a shareable content.
    Build good and quality links for your website.

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    Regular blogposting, social media sharing can increase your website traffic fast.

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    Website traffic can be increased by various on page and off page activities. Various link building techniques such as guest posting, article submission, social bookmarks and classified ads help to generate good traffic. Social media optimization also helps to generate good traffic.
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    The following are some basic approaches to expand the measure of traffic that you are getting to your site.
    1. Perform On-Page SEO. ...
    2. Get Listed. ...
    3. Post to Social Media with Hashtags. ...
    4. Use Landing Pages. ...
    5. Target Long-Tail Keywords. ...
    6. Start Email Marketing. ...
    7. Advertise Online. ...
    8. Guest Blog.

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    1.Target the proper keyword
    2. Do for backlinks
    3.Bookmarking, Articles, directory submission, Classified Ads
    4. Share your blogs

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