Nowadays we are reading Free SSL VS Paid SSL andbest SSL certificate in the market after Google announced that they are takingSSL Certificates as a ranking certificate.

Free SSL Certificate
The major thing about the Free SSL Certificate is that theyissued for 30-90 days and then you need to replace with a paid certificate.Free SSL Certificate is perfect for testing your website while your website isin development mode. Free SSL Certificates are available on the market willmake your website and business looks odd if your customer checks what type ofcertificate you have. And online users do check what SSL Certificates areinstalled on websites because they want to know how the secure website is andit is safe to create an account on that website, enter personal information andbuy products or there.

Paid SSL Certificate

Let us assume you are running an online store, sellingsomething on the website, collecting any form of sensitive information aboutthe customers, forums, your website has register and login options, onlineshopping sites, and more then you should consider getting a paid SSLCertificate. Its all about the level of information the customer are typing onthe website and that's what judges if you need a free SSL Certificate.