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  1. Default Is this new webmaster is useful

    I used new UI of webmaster. But it is not that much useful compared to old version. Is there is any advanced features in webmaster.

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    I found the same thing for using on my site. let me know if you find the answer to this.

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    No! What I found is new and simplified interface of webmaster comparing to older one having the same feature as old.

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    Ah. Ok. - Thanks for sharing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by seojesica View Post
    Personally I am thinking Old webmaster was gold.
    we are just not familiar with the new search console yet. But the new GSC is more simple and powerfull

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    Quote Originally Posted by vikishu View Post
    we are just not familiar with the new search console yet. But the new GSC is more simple and powerfull

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