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    How to write an SEO optimized content?

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    Content optimization means the content you write for your website, web pages, article, blog is totally 100% fresh and unique. The main reason behind this is Google won't allow the duplicate or copied content. The content in any form text, image, video, graphics, etc.

    How to prepare SEO content:

    -Outline your article. Articles should be well written, engaging, and informative.

    -Make a list of key phrases and keywords for your article.

    -Write your article.

    -Include hyperlinks in the article.

    -Build links to your article.

    -Make it easy to share the content.

    This is how you can prepare SEO optimized content.
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    Content Optimization is a process in which a web page and its content are optimized to become more attractive, useful and actionable to users.

    Below is simple checklist which you can follow:

    1. Targeted Keywords:-keyword research should always be the starting point when writing. Its important to align the content you create with your keyword research.
    2. Search Engine Friendly URL
    3. Optimize Title tags and meta descriptions
    4. Optimize H1,H2 Tag
    5. Use of Images & Videos
    6. Social Share buttons:-By including social share buttons within content, you’re ultimately making it easy for readers to share with their network.

    Hope this will help you.

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    Do Proper Keyword Research.
    Target long tail keywords with decent amount of searches in content.
    Use Keyword in Title.
    Use Keyword in Headings.

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