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    Default What is a Dedicated Server?

    Can someone define the meaning of Dedicated Server, What is it really a server thats is just for you?

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    That is what it is. Your sites are the only sites on the entire system. All the hard drive space, cpu, memory and bandwidth are yours to use.

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    With a dedicated server, you decide on the hardware and software aspects of the machine when you order it. You have full administrative root access to the machine so if you encounter any problem, you can fix it right away instead of contacting your web host to fix it for you.
    Managed dedicated plans from are really good, budget pricing and responsive support make them really efficient.

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    Dedicated server, for easily you can think it is the computer for you. You can install, modify everything on this computer.

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    A dedicated server is basically your computer or someone else's, it depends if your renting or setting up your own computer into a server.

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    A server which is used solely for use by one organisation. The server is leased and stored in the data center of the host company.

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    You have full control over the server. Keep in mind though that if you get an unmanaged dedicated server that you are pretty much responsible for everything that goes on the server. You can modify it to your heart's extent, but if you are not experienced in linux or unix or windows server (depending on which kind it is) that you have some place to turn if you do something wrong.

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    Dedicated server means that you have ssh root access and with it you can install any software and control your server like your computer.
    SSH means Secure SHell and it's used on linux os.


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    Dedicated Servers give 100% uptime. They are not shared with anyone. They are just for one organization only. They are mostly housed in data centers.

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    In the Web hosting business, a passionate server refers to the rental and exclusive usage of some type of computer which includes a Web server, related software, and connection to the Net, housed in the Web hosting company's premises. A passionate server is normally needed for a Web site (or group of related company sites) that may create a considerable amount of traffic - for example, a site that should manage up-to 35 trillion visits each day. The server can usually be configured and operated remotely from the customer company. Web hosting companies claim that the usage of a dedicated server on their premises saves modem, Net connection, security system, and network administration costs.

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