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  1. Default How can I define SEM and SMO ?

    How can I define SEM and SMO ?

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    SEM(Search Engine Marketing) refers to the advertisements that generally appear at the top and down of the search engine results.They are also called as Sponsored links.These are generally paid advertisements.
    SEO(Search engine optimization) refers to improving a website natural traffic and ranking by using some techniques.SEO can be done in two types:
    1.On-page optimization
    2.Off-page optimization
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    SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. In SEM you can increase your traffic by purchasing ads from search engine.

    SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. In SEO you can gain traffic and increase your website ranking by various methods and techniques. SEO Done by 2 types : ON Page SEO, OFF Page SEO

    1. In On page SEO you can optimize your web page for better result in ranking.
    2. In Off page SEO you can increase traffic and back-links in free of cost. in Off page there are 18-20 various methods which can used for increasing traffic and back-links.

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    Search Engine Marketing is one of the technique in Digital Marketing. It is a paid marketing which is listed before the free listings. SEM is nothing but PPC (Pay Per Click).

    Social Media Optimization is used to promote your business through social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

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    Both are the types of Digital Marketing. SEM is the advertising method which used to spend money to improve traffic immediately and generate leads. SMO is used to build brand awareness in social medias and social media traffic.

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