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    When you search something on internet the result which you get are known as search engine result page.

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    A search engine results page (SERP) is the list of results that a search engine returns in response to a specific word or phrase query. ... Web designers and site owners use search engine optimization (SEO) methods to make their sites and pages appear at or near the top of a SERP.

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    SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page. It is the page which search engine returns against your query.

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    whenever you run a search query on a search engine, your query returns a page full of results with links to various websites. This is the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

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    Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are the pages displayed by search engines in response to a query by a searcher. The main component of the SERP is the listing of results that are returned by the search engine in response to a keyword query, although the pages may also contain other results such as advertisements.

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    SERPs display search results for a keyword or combination of words in the form of snippets. These consist of a title, a small description and a link or depending on the length of the latter, an extract of the target of the link. The rich snippets are in turn results in additional information compounds that are read and processed by the search engine through structured data.

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    SERP is the place where your website start to rank after SEO optimization. Good SERP position have better web traffic also.

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    SERP is Search Engine Result Page which has listed all the ranked websites according to its keyword searches. Every SEO's main aim is it.

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    The results with our search queries on Google called, search engine results pages, which gives the websites as per their ranking abilities!
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    SERP- stands for Search Engine Result Page.

    Through SEO one can get their web-page in the first page of SERP.

    This method is also called as natural results or organic results

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