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What is Indexing

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  • What is Indexing

    Hello friends,

    Will you tell me what is Indexing......?

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    Answer: Crawling and indexing. These two go together as it’s a repeated process for each and every link to the index. Index means making your link visible on google, so for your link to get indexed, your link should get crawled by google first.

    Crawling: When Google visits your website for tracking purposes. It’s done by Google’s Spider crawler.
    Indexing: Once the link is crawled, the results get on to the Google’s index and your link will be visible on Google.


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      Indexing is the legacy Microsoft Indexing Service, which maintained an index of files on a computer or in an operating system environment.
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        Indexing is updating the cached webpages in search engine database. Indexed webpages are now ready for search engine rankings.
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          Indexing of your website is the only way to make it visible online and in search results by google and other search engines. Also you need your website to be indexed not just once but many times by a search engine. Search engines rely on their crawlers or spiders to index. For increased traffic on your website you need an efficient and frequent crawl rate on your website.
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            An index is another name for the database used by a search engine. Indexes contain the information on all the websites that Google (or any other search engine) was able to find. If a website is not in a search engine’s index, users will not be able to find it.


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              An index is another name for the database used by a search engine. Indexes contain the information on all the websites that Google (or any other search engine) was able to find. If a website is not in a search engine’s index, users will not be able to find it. if you mean index in seo
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                Indexing generally refers to getting your web pages (or other various forms of content from PDFs to videos) indexed in Google & other search engines. A search engine will crawl your website in search of content to add to its index.
                You can think of an index as a database of content deemed worthy enough to display as answers for search queries. Technical issues with your site can cause pages not to be indexed, as well as other low quality indicators including duplicative content, stolen content, shallow content, bad site signals, bad user experiences, malware, etc. Google also maintains a supplemental index, which is a secondary database containing pages of lesser importance (and unlikely to show on searches unless you force Google to show them).
                One way of checking your indexing in search engines is to sign up for their webmaster tools. Google, for example, has something called the Google Search Console where it will report the number of pages indexed. You can also submit an xml sitemap of your site to see how many pages are indexed of those you submitted.
                Indexing can be a challenge for very large sites (I’ve worked on sites with as many as 800 million pages) because search engines have a limited amount of crawl equity & resources, but most sites shouldn’t have much trouble getting their content indexed. Ranking higher among the pages deemed indexable, however, is an even greater and more lucrative challenge.
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                  Indexing is process of Saving or Storing the Crawled Links to the Search Engine Database
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                    Web indexing means creating an index of all the websites on the internet or the content of those websites.