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    I want to launch many websites but I am with limited budget. I am think for free web hosting service. My question from forum is that either it is long lasting service or not? Need suggestion

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    you have low budget and wanna offer free hosting ? most webhost wont allow you to offer free hosting. whats your budget ? wanna control panel will you use ?
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      No, if you use Free hosting and get many visitor, they will ask you to upgrade .
      Why not use paid host? You can easily find paid hosting under $3 each month on the internet and you can use it for unlimited domain.
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        If you want to go long term with your websites, then you should always trust a paid web hosting service rather than a free one.
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          I personally suggest you that free hosting is often used for small sites with low traffic as it offers limited technical support and free email option. Moreover, if you have small or large business with high amount of traffic then you can use different paid web hosting services such as shared hosting, dedicated web hosting and so on.
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            I would suggest that you look for and read reviews of free hosting providers before signing up. Some have non-existent support or a lot of downtime.


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              Features of free web hosting are not enough to manage all aspects of your online website. You will have need to get web hosting service for better features.
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                i think 000webhost is best if you looking a free web hosting and very good experience for me that site.
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                  Agreed with RH-Calvin. Go paid to last longer.


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                    PM Me .. I Can Provide You Best Hostings At Very Cheap Price
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                      Frankly speaking mate this is not a good idea because you are just wasting your effort to save few dollars as Hosting is the main plot of web site if you don’t have it right then it will put whole site into risk since no one likes to visit any site that keeps on crashing or has not clear reputation due to regularly getting offline, it creates panic in users especially if you are planning to make investment site.


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                        Hello Friends,

                        I think paid hosting is better than free hosting.
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                            It depends on which Host you're choosing whether they're reliable or not.


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                              The answer is quite simply put: none.

                              All free hosting sites are poor, since they cram thousands of accounts on a single server, face low uptime rates, are late to upgrade their servers, far worse support than a paid web host… the list goes on for the tragedies you will face when picking free hosting.

                              Hostinger for example, had the most incompetent and slow support I have ever experienced - taking around 5 days to respond to clients’ responses, simply copying from a help document file what fit most for the ticket. Their servers constantly go down and several of their features are broken/outdated. They also tout that they have cPanel but they most definitely not.

                              ByetHost is OK, but they tout that they have cPanel, like Hostinger, instead they provide a fake cPanel-looking design which is ridden with grammar errors. They are even slower to provide upgrades although unlike Hostinger, they aren’t as incompetently managed.

                              000webhost, 1FreeHosting and ServersFree are old offshoots of Hostinger, the first one has huge security holes and issues, while the latter two don’t work at all anymore and have severe server errors and problems.

                              x10Hosting has probably the best community/staff support, although their mod_security seems to create strange issues like affecting long links or destroying the CSS of a site for no reason, or other such issues.
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