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  • Want Best Taxi booking app?

    Uber clone script, in addition, accuses differently fixated of the sort of auto-picked by the rider. Diverse classifications of cars ar Economy, Premium, additional seats, and that is essentially the begin. To describe this taxi booking business in additional basic words, Uber clone script is a smartphone app which gives its customers an on-demand taxi booking administration.

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    Conatact us
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        uber, ola cabs and the locals have the best taxi.
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          Originally posted by arristarose View Post
          Uber clone script, in addition, accuses differently fixated of the sort of auto-picked by the rider. Diverse classifications of cars ar Economy, Premium, additional seats, and that is essentially the begin. To describe this taxi booking business in additional basic words, Uber clone script is a smartphone app which gives its customers an on-demand taxi booking administration.
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            Ola and Uber are best Taxi apps right now on play store.


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              In my opinion, Uber is the best one.


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                Ola anyday!
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                    1. OLA Cabs
                    I simply love OLA cabs and that’s why it is first on my list. My love for OLA cabs is because of its fare and an easy to use a mobile app.

                    You cannot believe the fare is less than of an Auto Rickshaw.
                    Last month I traveled around 6 km from the railway station to my home for only Rs 150/- in an economy sedan.
                    And guess what, the cab was air conditioned and absolutely pollution free. You do not have to suck dirty air like you do taking an Auto Rickshaw.

                    Fare Charges

                    • For OLA Mini: Rs 100/- for first 4 Kms and after 6 Km Rs 15/- per Km extra
                    • For OLA Sedan: Rs 150/- for first 6 Kms and after 8 Km Rs 18 per Km extra
                    • For Prime: Rs 200/- for first 5 Km and after Rs 17/Km

                    They also charge Rs 2/- for a minute for waiting.

                    2. Uber
                    My Second choice would be Uber. Like OLA, Uber is not an Indian company.
                    Recently it has been in the news for the wrong reasons but the service is quite good and sometimes better than OLA.

                    Why should you go for Uber?
                    The first reason is fare. It is quite cheap just like OLA, in fact sometimes even cheaper than OLA cab.
                    To give you an idea Uber X is cheaper than Auto Rickshaw.
                    • Uber Black’s Base fare is Rs 100/-, that is Rs 13/Km, minimum fare is Rs 150/-
                    • Uber X’s Base fare is Rs 70/-, Rs 10/Km, minimum fare is Rs 100/-

                    So 30 Km in just Rs 300/- which is cheaper than a Taxi or Auto Rickshaw.

                    Well, the service is classy and superb. The cabs are really cleanest I have seen in the country.
                    OLA cabs are worn out, however, Uber is cool. Drivers are also good and they keep the cab clean.
                    Uber is really safe even for women travelers.

                    It could be a problem for those who prefer cash or credit/debit cards.
                    You can only pay through Pay TM because the government does not allow certain foreign companies.

                    3. Meru Cabs
                    To put it bluntly, I don’t like Meru Cabs. I have put Meru in third place on our list because the company has a presence all over India with over 6000 cabs.

                    It is one of the largest Indian Radio Taxi providers in the country.
                    Meru cabs are a bit expensive if you are a normal working guy.

                    Just a few months back Meru used to charge a decent amount like Rs 10 per km which was affordable. So for 30 km from my home to the airport, it was around Rs 400/- without toll.
                    However now it is quite expensive and for a Km, the fare could be up to Rs 20/- (after 1 km) for daytime.
                    I hardly use Meru.

                    You can book the car on an hourly basis. You can call the helpline number of radio taxi and the nearest taxi would reach to your home or pick up point.
                    Please remember there are booking charges if you go through a phone. But if you do through Meru App and website then no booking charges.

                    Service is good, taxi is air conditioned but again the cost is too much.

                    You can pay through cash to the driver. You can also use your credit card on the meter. A printed or e receipt would be given to you.

                    4. Easy Cabs
                    I have used easy cabs two to three times. The only good thing is that Easy Cabs are readily available but the fare is too high.

                    Let us look at the fare. For the first 3 km, it is Rs 69/- and for night time it is Rs 87/-
                    After 3 km it is Rs 23/Km and Rs 28.75/km for night time. For waiting charges the foray charge you around Rs 30 per hour. Waiting charge is really low.
                    I remember for some 30 km from airport to my hotel in Delhi they charged around Rs 700/-. It was rip off.

                    Taxis are good and drivers are also professional. They know their directions and the cab is safe for women also.

                    You can call to their number and book a cab. You can also download their app and book. Website is also an option.

                    You can pay through credit or debit card. However cash payment is allowed when your approximate advance amount is less than Rs 10,000/-
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                      I love uber. There another service in our country pathao


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                          Uber & ola apps are the best taxi apps.


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                            for me its uber it will give offers according to festivals


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                              Uber, Ola & Lyft were popular for hailing a ride.


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