Do you think that only Earth is a living planet in Whole Universe?

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    Do i think that only earth is a living planet in whole universe? NO! That is simply impossible. I think universe is full of life.
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      i don't think so but i've really wanted to see one for myself. saw a couple of videos that were pretty convincing and once saw something strange in the sky but it could have been a satellite.
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        in my opinion, it is possible they are real, because the universe is very wide.


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          On the subject of life on other planets, that, I believe must be a full certainty (of course, granted that there ARE other planets, which would depend on what you believe)
          On the subject of UFO sightings, well, that's a different story, and one could only speculate. My bet is that most of them are fake
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            I don't think so, I mean the universe is just so vast, we don't exactly know what's out there yet.


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              Only NASA can proved everything.They hide their secrets bout other human life exist.They don't want us to know everything.


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                No,There are so many universe that never been discovered.I believe that there are so many universe out there is living like earth


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                  The possibility of life existing on other planets--in other universes, etc. has haunted mankind since the invention of the telescope. I believe life exists in the universe other than just Earth. NASA believes extraterrestrial life exists in the universe,as well, and the facts that they (NASA) have uncovered are eye opening. The search for life begins with the possibility of the existence of water in the universe. Here are some places water or the possibility of water have been found: 1. Enceladus--one of the moon's of the planet Saturn 2. Mars--the red planet 3. Titan--the largest of Saturn's moon's 4. Europa--one of Jupiter's moon's 5. Venus--our sister planet 6. Callisto and Ganymede--two of Jupiter's moon's. If water or the possibility of it exists on these celestial bodies, does that mean life might exist there too?.....things that make you go....hmm
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                    I am a believer and does think that there might be someone somewhere watching us. Been reading some articles lately and found some quite interesting facts about the parallel universe, maybe true maybe not.Let's hope one day will be able to meet and understand all there is to know about the universe.


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