which is best Operating System?

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  • which is best Operating System?

    Operating System which runs our computer
    A)Windows 10

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    Why did you put MacOS in the section other? I use it and I find it the best. It is responsive, comprehensive and it does not need a protection.
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      I'd say Windows XP was the best I've used


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        Originally posted by dawuddustin View Post
        I'd say Windows XP was the best I've used
        I was love Windows7 rather than XP and now I am using Windows 10 and Linux on my Lappy.


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          The best operating system according to me is Windows XP. It is quite efficient and easy to operate by every user. Only it include the licensing cost as little bit higher, but it is the easiest operating system to be operated, installed,and used as well, that I have came across.
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            C) Linux

            However, this is the best for me. I will never force anybody to change the OS only because of me. Everyone is free to use what he can and what he want.


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              It depends what you are aiming at. For gaming it is windows, for programing practically all os, for creativity i think MacOS


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                Firstly need to find out for which reason you want to use cause all operating system have some unique features.
                For example windows 10 is most secure, has all latest features, no need to buy any other version again, its faster, can be influence what will come next, you will need it for new hardware. It also have some negative points. Other operating systems are also better in their field. So the main thing is select for which purpose you want to use the operating system.


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                  windows 10


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                    According to me, Windows 10 it is the best operating system.


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                      Windows 10 is the best operating system for now, even windows 7 is great.
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                        Windows 10 is but Microsoft is constantly ruining it with the updates


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                          How can you forget MAC, mac is the best in all.


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                            After MAC, UBUNTU is good.


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                              Ubuntu is one of the many Linux-based OS. It falls under Linux only. According to me any Linux based OS is the best, because it gives freedom of choice and does not need any extra security measures. It's firewall is more than enough to keep the device safe from any external threat. And you can change the source code to suit your needs. That's it. So simple.
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