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  • Don't worry about World War 3

    I'll let you all into a bit of info - WW3 will NEVER happen.

    Too many countries trade with each other; the UN has banned many outdated acts of warfare, aerial bombardment is now ILLEGAL under laws of war etc

    So get that into your heads *cough Americans *cough* WW3 will NEVER EVER happen; WW2 was the last world war and ALL acts of warfare used then are now BANNED! Plus nukes are on their way to being banned too.

    Warfare has moved on; aerial bombardment will NEVER be used on the USA, Europe or any other Western Nation.

    Plus NATO, the EU and the UN were all set up to stop another world war from happening.

    Also countries like the US and the UK have fantastic air defense so there is no way enemy planes will be able to get into US/UK airspace.

    The UK, USA etc also have a powerful navy so there is no way enemies ships could even look at US waters without being spotted.

    Invading another country (like Hitler did) is now illegal and if an invasion did happen the EU and the UN would get involved to stop a war from breaking out.

    Pearl Harbor will never be attacked again.

    When British cities were aerial bombed in WW2 (the Blitz); yeah that will NEVER happen again either.

    Plus China, Russia and Iran are becoming more and more Westernised so why fight and kill if we all beat to the same drum?

    And last but not least the USA (along with other countries) have nukes; that 100% makes sure that another nation will NEVER attack them; nukes are for protection.

    During WW2 many cities were carpet bombed by day and night; that will NEVER happen again; the days of carpet bombing are long gone; humans have evolved since then; we can now sit down and talk without flying over and droping bombs.

    So there you have it; 100% evidence that WW3 will NEVER happen; so stop asking the questions and go out and get stoned/get laid.

    PS - Carpet bombing is banned; there is no way to destroy the enemy's industry hence no war!

    There will be no such thing as a world war 3; that is a belief based on your fear.

    There will NEVER be another war like WW2 ever again. The world is way to joined together and empires are a thing of the past.

    So PLEASE stop worrying!

    MBA in Delhi

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      Peace and Love...


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        yeah right, i think it will never happen too..
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          There will never be 3rd World War. War is really non-sense


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