How can i get cured from allergy?

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  • How can i get cured from allergy?

    How can i get cured from allergy?
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    Basil leaves are the best home remedy to get rid of allergies. Daily one or 2 drops of Basil oil taken with a glass of water will help much to cure allergies.
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      Prevention, never eat foods that will trigger your allergies.
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        Today i bought a generic form of allergy medicine at a low price $4 and it worked as well as the $20 medicine.
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          Gingko contains several chemicals that can help to decrease the trigger response of inflammation, asthma and allergies


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            Consider your environment. Many people overlook some main causes or irritants in their environment that if addressed would greatly help alleviate their symptoms. A little proactive effort such as removing mold, moving out of moist environments, cleaning carpets and bedding and avoiding certain foods will go a long way in making life more enjoyable without the use of drugs.


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              Few changes in Life style to cure allergy:
              Avoid using window fans to cool rooms, because they can pull pollen indoors.
              Keep windows closed when driving, using the air conditioner if necessary, to avoid allergens.
              Limit your time outdoors when ragweed pollen counts are highest — from mid-August until the first frost.


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                Allergies are severe and need the attention of a doctor or other health care expert. For some cases, through, home remedies may present all the relief you need, with relatively small expense or hassle.
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                  No, but you can treat and control your symptoms. You’ll need to do all you can to prevent being exposed to things you’re allergic to -- for example, staying inside on days when the pollen count is high, or enclosing your mattress with a dust-mite-proof cover.
                  Allergy medicine can also help. You may be able to reduce your symptoms enough using over-the-counter allergy drugs. If not, your doctor can prescribe medication.

                  You can also talk to an allergist about immunotherapy in the form of allergy shots or oral tablets or drops. These are what are considered disease modifying treatments. They don’t cure allergies, but they may significantly reduce your sensitivity to your allergy triggers and reduce your allergic response.


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                    first we need to keep clean our surroundings and our body clean. bath every day twice.
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                      Keep the surroundings clean and tidy.
                      Avoid food which causes allergies.
                      Close the windows while driving the cars.
                      Use mask for the nose in the dusty area.
                      wash your face frequently.
                      honey and basil leaves are the best remedy for allergies.


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                        Avoid eating Non veg, Coffee,Tomato and Turmeric for Some days.Drink more water.
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                          It depends on what you're allergic to, some people think that small doses of whatever it is will help you build up a resistance.


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                            Avoid allergic food. Wear clean clothes.
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                              Allergy reaction can spread from person to person.


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