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  • Naturalistic method of controlling psoriasis

    Whennatural comes to mindAyurvedafor psoriasis is the final resort and more and more people are turning to thismedical field expecting substantial results. Depending on the stageof the disease and the progression of psoriasis, the mode oftreatment is decided. However, as a prelude to extensive therapeuticprocedures ‘panchakarma’ healing procedures are done. This is afive stage process where the internal and external purificationprocess is done and according to Ayurveda daily purgation is veryessential to maintain the balance and to keep the ‘doshas’ incontrol. Psoriasis is considered to be caused due to excessiveaccumulation of impurities in the blood and in addition to thisemotions also control the progression of the disease. For asusceptible person who has a history of psoriasis, even stress,tensions, and excessive mental trauma can all trigger themanifestations of the disease. ‘Vata’ and ‘Kapha’ are twoprincipal doshas that govern the onset of the disease and anyvitiation of these can aggravate the disease. Since detoxification ofthe body is essential depending on the body physiology the treatmentmethod for cleansing the internal system that suits the person isselected and adopted. Diet plays an important role in controlling therecurrence of psoriasis and easily digestible foods are recommended.Too much of salt or spice in foods and highly acidic foods are to beavoided during and after the course of treatment. In addition tothis, non-vegetarian foods and eggs and foods that have an oppositeeffect internally are to be avoided.

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