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    Sometimes we can't digest our food. What is the reason. Is this occurs due to swelling in stomach or any other thing..
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    Can be due to a number of reasons, usually when people have throat trouble or indigestion.
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      Increase the use of fiber in your diet. Usually it solves the usual digestion problems and enhances the digestive system.


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        Chewing what you eat into smaller pieces helps our tummy to digest the food.
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          Hydrogenated fats, though not as negatively potent as the first two above, can cause heart failure and other heart diseases through continued ingestion. In some cases, the problems come directly from the food itself. But, in most cases, the problem comes from how the food negatively affects your digestion. Then cut way back on refined white flour bread, pasta and cereal.
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            Begin by eliminating as much sugar as you can from your diet. Drinks that can increase the secretion of stomach acid include beer, wine, and soda pop. Drinking beer can double your stomach acid within an hour.
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              Keeping your blood glucose stable is essential to maintaining long-term health. Everything we eat affects our blood sugar levels. Healthy fats are essential for lubrication of our joints. If you are the type person who is detail oriented and doesn't mind counting crabs.
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                The digestion problem is occure whose digestive system is very weak.It is disorder that occurs when the stomach takes too long to empty food.


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                  Main reason for digestive problem is swelling in stomach but if your digestive system is weak also contain indigestion.The food we eat is converted into energy.If your digestive system is weak it causes digestive problem.


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                    It can be caused by damage to the vagus nerve, which regulates the digestive system. A damaged vagus nerve prevents the muscles in the [B]stomach and intestine from functioning, preventing food from moving through the digestive system properly. Often, the cause of gastroparesis is unknown.


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