How to my weight loss?

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  • How to my weight loss?

    Hi webmaster,
    Can you tell me how to my weight loss? I want loss my weight. Please give me some tips regarding weight loss.

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    Try to get your regular exercise with balanced diet. It will work for you.


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      From diet plan for weight loss to food to eat to lose weight, here you will get all the relevant information.


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        In order to reduce your weight you have to follow some easy steps.
        1) Make your time table for every task to sleep, to get up, to eat,
        2) Then make a diet plan & follow it with sincerity.
        3) Sleep timely at night & get up early in the morning then go to walk, morning walk is the best way to reduce your weight.
        4) You can also do some normal exercises.
        5) If you have time then you can join dance classes it can also help to reduce your weight.
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          Burn off extra calorie through physical activity. This is one of the most known and accepted forms towards the weight management program. One should try and stick to the theory of: “Always burn out more calories than what you consume”. By doing so, one can easily avoid the storage of fat in the body. Indulging yourself in your favorite sport could also be a very fun and interesting step in the weight loss plan.


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            Step 1 Once you reach target, add 250 calories a day to your existing daily calorie intake. This means if you’ve been having 1,250 calories each day, you should now have 1,500 calories a day.

            Step 2 After a week, weigh yourself on your usual scales. You’ll probably have lost a little more weight. If so, add another 250 calories to last week’s daily allowance. So, if you were having 1,500 calories a day, now have 1,750 calories daily.

            Step 3 After a week, weigh yourself again. If you’ve lost more weight, add an extra 250 calories to your daily intake, for example from 1,750 calories to 2,000 calories each day.

            Step 4 After a week, if your weight has stabilised that’s the amount of calories you need each day to keep your new slim shape. If you’ve gained a tiny amount, drop your daily calorie intake by 100 calories, for example, from 2,000 calories to 1,900 calories daily. After a week, weigh yourself again. If your weight has stayed the same, that’s the amount of calories you need each day for weight maintenance. If your weight has gone up or down, juggle your daily calorie intake by 50 calories a day until your weight eventually stabilises.


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              Know Your Milestones
              Since your weight-loss journey is made up of small steps along the way, it's important to track your progress. Seeing how your efforts are working will definitely inspire you to keep it up. Keep in mind that progress can be made in other ways that don't involve a scale—like having more muscle tonnage or extra energy.
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                I am something confused about your heading title. May be grammar mistake. However, if you need to loss your weight then you must be do exercise regularly and control your own eating system. Hope you will get it.


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                  According to me, exercise is the better way to stay healthy and fit, daily work out is good for health. It can help to avoid excess weight gain or help decrease weight loss.
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                    As of from my side, a proper diet with regular intake of water and a proper exercise will help to reduce body weight and also to stay fit.
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