A Simple White Hat Technique To Get Indexed By Google

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  • A Simple White Hat Technique To Get Indexed By Google

    Everybody knows that getting indexed in Google is getting more
    and more difficult each day and every body is looking for that
    edge over the competition.

    Most "white hat" SEO's frown upon methods like cloaking, blog and
    ping and other such "black hat" techniques and never had any
    special technique that they could use to help get their pages
    indexed better.

    Well, presenting Google Sitemaps, Googles latest offering which
    is still in the beta stage, and which won't make the purists


    Google sitemaps is a service that allows webmasters to define how
    often their sites' content is going to change, which is supposed
    to give Google a better idea of what pages to index.

    By placing a specially formatted XML file on your web server, you
    inform Google of whenever your pages change, and then the
    googlebot crawls the updated pages making the necessary updates
    to its database.

    Google has provided the format your xml file has to be in at

    An interesting point is that the xml file has 2 tags, changefreq
    and priority with which you can also indicate how important each
    page is, and how frequently the page changes.

    The valid values for changefreq are "always", "hourly", "daily",
    "weekly", "monthly", "yearly" and "never" and similarly the
    priority can vary from 0.0 to 1.0, where 0.0 identifies the
    lowest priority page(s) on your site and 1.0 identifies the
    highest priority page(s) on your site.

    Once you have the xml file in place on your server, you need to
    inform Google about it by opening this URL in your browser


    where the URL part in the above URL should be the URL-encoded
    location of your Sitemaps xml file.

    Now Google has provided an open source script that will
    automatically generate the xml file for you. The only drawback
    being its in a scripting language called Python.

    There are however several Free Third Party scripts and tools

    1)Softplus GSiteCrawler: This is a windows software and is
    extremely easy to use.It has been coded in Visual Basic 6.0.


    2)SiteMaps Pal: This is a online service that generates the
    sitemap for you.It has a limit of 1000 links. So if you web site
    has more than 1000 links, this won't work for you.


    3)Google Sitemap Generator: This is another free online sitemap
    creator.This service lets you crawl sites 3 levels deep and
    limits the number of links to 400.


    4)phpSitemapNG from enarion: This is a php script that you need
    to upload to the root of your web site and the script generates
    the sitemap file on the server.

    It also lets you submit the sitemap to Google by clicking a link.

    The drawback of this script is that you will need to upload it to
    each of your sites and it also doesn't recognize subdomains.


    5)Google Sitemap Generator for Dreamweaver: This dreamweaver
    extension by George Petrov lets you quickly create Google
    Sitemaps for your dreamweaver sites.


    6)Google Sitemap Generator for WordPress: Here is a plugin for
    wordpress users


    7)SecretSpider generator: This is a paid software priced at $97.
    Its advantages are that it also lets you gzip the xml file
    thereby making it smaller in size.


    So, go ahead and make your website more Google-friendly.

    http://img76.imageshack.us/img76/6450/sc2but4ng.gif | http://img495.imageshack.us/img495/7...gorwtan0je.gif | <a href="http://webtools.sc2.info"><img src="http://img129.imageshack.us/img129/8682/sc2webtan7ju.gif" border="1" width="100" alt="Free Webtools for all" /></a> | <a href="http://www.indexrated.com"><img src="http://img398.imageshack.us/img398/4813/listed1pb.gif" border="1" width="100" alt="Index Rated Directory - Rating Quality Sites" /></a>

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