Which payment processor do you use/prefer?

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  • Which payment processor do you use/prefer?

    Since there are so many horror stories about one of the biggest payment processor out there - paypal, I would like to know if the people in this forums have any other payment processor that they prefer using.

    I personally still like paypal tho.

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    Its the best but thehorrible stories are mostly by those people who use it to wrong purposes and then get their account limited.


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      PayPal has a lot of security features and a lot of personnel working on their security and anti-theft but I believe that only creates a sense of security. I never keep a lot of money in my PayPal account. Horror stories don't just pop out of nowhere...


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        I have absolutely no problems with MoneyBookers too. They are definitely the best one after Paypal.


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          I prefer to use paypal for all my money transactions online. it is because most of them i transact use paypal than any other programs. money can be easily withdrawn from paypal to my bank account and so forth.


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            i am not comfortable with paypal.. it often got limited and causes problems but apart from this their support is very good. i also use moneybookers for my transactions and so far it has never let me down and i am happy with it.


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              Only just started using moneybookers, not really sure how it works yet. Paypal are the only company I use apart from that, simply because I have an account there already and its easier for me. I dont have a lot of income per month though to worry about too much, yet .


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                I like moneybookers because paypal does'nt offer our country and moneybookers works superb for me


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                  I absolutely like paypal because it's easy and flexible , but sometimes makes horror sense if our account got the limit


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                    it is a very good question you make. i use both, paypal and alertpay.
                    alertpay is just for recive money from PTC but paypal i usually use for buying on ebay.


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                      i thnk paypal is the best for E-Business and online transactions coz it is secure and save


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                        i've not heard moneybooker??? is it same like paypal? and is it easy to radeem cash money?? but i see the paypal is usually for ebay payment... but i never radeem cash money.. anyone tell me how to radeem paypal cash??


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                          I always prefer paypal to anyother online banking,be it moneybookers or e-gold,I never used others though.I really feel comfortable with paypal because of its customization offers for customers and various types of services offered by them>I use a personal account and I am good with it.
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                            Originally posted by Technique
                            Since there are so many horror stories about one of the biggest payment processor out there - paypal, I would like to know if the people in this forums have any other payment processor that they prefer using.

                            I personally still like paypal tho.
                            If you check everything in detail all these horror stories occured because of their inawareness and inactiveness. If you are doing any transaction with paypal you have to be cautious and take every safe measure before you send or receive payments When you are doing online business you have to be very patient and take every secure steps.

                            Paypal is still my choice
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                              i sue paypal i have not use any other but i am thinking in use alertpay too
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