How long does Paypal unverified account work?

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  • How long does Paypal unverified account work?

    My Paypal account is quite new and I haven't verified it yet since I don't have a credit card. I had tried to send a couple of bucks to another Paypal account the other day and my account was immediately limited. But the limit was lifted after a day. Does this mean I wont be able to pay anyone unless I have verified my account? How long before they would limit it again?
    BTW, I have applied for a credit card but it would still take a few days for it to arrive.

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    I think you can still do the normal transactions although there is really a certain limit imposed. Having a verified Paypal is really advisable to all account holders. Just like you, I also never have a credit card so I used instead a Visa debit card to confirmed my Paypal.


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      In my country, I can't verify using debit cards. So only credit card is an option.
      But I'll be getting it in a few days, so not much to worry. I just needed to know if I will be able to pay small amounts if required. Don't mind the amount limit till then.


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        It will only get limited if paypal suspect suspicious actions, if you receive regular payments like on daily basis but all accounts that have frequent transactions will get limited after some period of time.
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          an unverified paypal account will work for a long time, but they have a limit. It is advised to get a verified paypal account.

          For eg: an unverified paypal account have a sending limit of approximately 4400$(I am note sure about exact value), but having a verified account means you can send as much money as we want to!


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            Just get it this way if you keep on receiving too much payments then you'll have to verifiy your account
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              Basic limits for different countries will be mentioned when you try to send high payments to another paypal account. Also there will be deductions in unverified accounts.

              These days even back accounts are allowed to be verified.
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                I was using it since one year.Well problem arise when you want to withdraw more than 500 dollars in one month.
                Now, i have a verified account .I use VCC and it got verified in few minutes.
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                  You can not send or receive payments if your account is limited. You have to verify it in order to lift the limitations.


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                    My account is unveriffied,and i can still send or recieve payments,just can not cash them out.I think,O'l try to get it verified with my visa card


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                      Well, there is no problem for being unverified but the only problem is if you do a high amount transaction then there is chance of getting your account limited or else it ok for small transactions.


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                        Paypal account that is unverified works until you haven't reached the limit of receiving an amount of $500... that's what I've read from their guidelines.
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                          No actually paypal unverified account will work till they do not smell any unusual transactions in your account.

                          Regarding the $500 limit. i guess it must be a monthly receiving my friend is having an unverified account and the transactions per months are around $400 for his account.
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                            It is certainly not a problem with paypal unverified account. As mentioned in above posts it can work until you reach the maximum sending and receiving limits.


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                              I had unverified paypal accounts before. I dont know any issues about transacting using unverified accounts in paypal. But what I did was i sent a copy of my identification cards and email them to paypal. Then my account were verified.
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