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    You can earn money with a reseller hosting service. This is a business in which you can buy a company's hosting and distribute it to your customers and take money from them in return.


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      Reseller hosting is a business where anyone can earn money by selling hosting services. In this, you can buy service from a large hosting provider and resell it to your customer.


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        You can also consider reseller hosting as a business. In this, you can host hosting from a first-party and earn money by reselling it to your customers.


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          Few Benefits Of Reseller Hosting
          • Affordable: Generally, reseller hosting plan won't cost much
          • Concentrate on other business aspects: You get dedicated team of experts that manage technical aspects of your business and hence you can focus other non-technical aspects of business.
          • Establish your brand: With white-label reseller hosting you can build your brand and resell the hosting plans.
          • Additional Source of Income: Generate additional revenue by selling the add-ons like SSL certificates, domain name, dedicated IP


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            Reseller hosting is the most affordable and reliable web hosting service. For newbie, developer or designers, who want to start their web hosting business, reseller hosting would be the right option for them.
            Any non-technical person can easily handle this hosting service and make a profitable outcome.


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              Reseller hosting could offer dedicated server hosting or shared server hosting depending on your IT needs. Various benefits you can avail are:-

              You cloud choose a standard plan or a premium plan as per your needs. You can get desirable disc space, bandwidth requirement based on your website traffic forecasting. You need not invest money in setting up processes in-house.

              Less Expense: Instead of purchasing a dedicated server, a Linux reseller hosting plan gives you the luxury of similar features at an extremely low price.

              Generate Income: If you find that all your reseller space is not getting used up, you can make money by reselling that space on your website.

              No Maintenance: You do not have to worry about complicated server issues if anything goes wrong. Leveraging an efficient technical support department offered by a reseller hosting package is always helpful.

              Hence with various crucial offerings that could put an end to your hosting worries, reseller hosting surely is attracting different customers.


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                Reseller Hosting as the name suggests is meant to be used by resellers in the web hosting business. Where the resellers can create customized plans and resell the packages to their customers, from the total resources allocated to them.

                In the Reseller Hosting package, you are been allocated a comparatively high amount of resources than the normal shared hosting packages.

                Reseller hosting is one of the best and right choices for those, who want to start up a web hosting business. It is a very reliable and dependable hosting service because you don’t need to manage anything on your own.
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                  Reseller hosting is a business where you can purchase hosting from a company and then provide hosting service to your customers. You can also make a profit in this business.
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                    Benefits for resellers-:

                    1. Low initial investments- You do not require a huge physical space to set up your business, thus minimizing your initial investment.
                    You can be a Reseller Hosting service provider with basic technical knowledge.

                    2. Reselling is a recurring business model- As long as your customer continues availing of your services, you will have an income.
                    It comes with easy management tools like WHM, cPanel, and WHMCS, which make an account and client management easy.

                    Benefits for end-users:

                    1. Customized plans as per the specific needs and budget.
                    2. Personalized support for all queries.
                    3. Direct contact with the provider.
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