Five Ways to Reduce Server Response Times

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  • Five Ways to Reduce Server Response Times

    Five Ways to Reduce Server Response Times

    1. Check Your Hosting

    Time spent waiting for your server to respond adds to your final page load times.

    You want your pages to load as quickly as possible for your users, so the first thing you need to have is sufficient resources to handle your traffic. If you lack resources then additional traffic results in longer SRTs, meaning your server handles fewer users in a given period.

    2. Choose Your Web Server Carefully
    While Apache is an excellent and attractive option, you might be able to get better results using something else, such as Litespeed. While comparing the many options available might seem overwhelming, putting in a bit of time in the beginning, will pay off later as you are better able to handle changes in your server needs.

    3. Optimize Your Web Servers
    Once youíve chosen a web server to use, youíll need to set it up. While itís tempting to take the easy route and go with the default settings, one size does not fit all. By choosing this option, you run the risk of using a sub-optimal configuration for your needs and usage patterns.

    Unfortunately, each web server configuration differs from another, so thereís no generalized solution for optimizing a web server. Refer to the documentation specific to yours for additional information on how to get the best performance possible.

    4. Reduce Bloat
    If youíre using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Magento, your site will accumulate bloat unless carefully managed. Even if you donít use a CMS, you still run this risk as you add content (e.g. images, new content pages, and so on) to your site over time. As such, cull things that you do not need. Optimize your images, combine your resources, and enable compression since smaller files are your friend when it comes to lowering SRTs.

    5. Optimize Your Database
    By ensuring that your database can retrieve data as efficiently as possible, you speed up the loading times for your site as a whole, not just the page the browser currently displays. Slow queries are the number one reason why a server responds to a request slowly, so you should spend time identifying ways to prevent bottlenecks.

    Server optimization is a deep topic where specific steps vary depending on what server you use. Good places to start with when optimizing include:

    Rewriting your queries so that they return only what you need and are written with performance in mind (for example, use joins instead of loops)
    Using indexes where necessary or appropriate
    Changing your schema to group objects such as tables, views, and stored procedures appropriately
    Alternatively, you can reduce the load on your database by using external caches to shift the burden to your front-end.

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    There are different options available for you to check and test your server response time. All the answer delivered previously gives a piece of pretty nice information on that. Some more reasons for a slower server response are,
    • Slow Web Hosting
    • Poor Caching Configuration
    • Slow Database Queries
    • Use of Older PHP version
    • Bloated Webpage
    • And Larger Traffic

    Instead of repeating the descriptive part, I will directly go for the procedure to reduce the server response time of a website.
    1. Choose a Reliable VPS Web Hosting Provider
    2. Use A Light Weight And Fast WordPress Theme
    3. Start using A CDN network
    4. Compress, minify and optimize your scripts
    6. Improve Database Performance

    All these steps include some important child steps you must follow to reduce the server response in real. As of this procedure worked very well for me I will suggest you go through the complete article here.
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