Do you know about database architecture?

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  • Do you know about database architecture?

    Hey i want to know about database architecture can anyone help me in that matter?
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    Well actually i don't know about database architecture but would like to know if anyone knows about it..
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      The same i want to know about the database architecture let me know if anyone knows about it..
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        Database architecture is the architecture of an application's or business's databases including number, type, location, overall content, and usage. It is the mere image or picture of how the data will process on the database so that you will have the idea how it works.
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          Database architecture is a set of specification and rules that tells how the data will store is database. Database architecture is called as Shard architecture. In database horizontal portion is “rows” of a database table , rows are splitting by columns.
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            The three-level architecture is also known as three-schema architecture. The purpose of the three-level architecture is to separate the user applications and the physical database. The reasons of this separation are:
            (i) Different users need different views of the same data.
            (ii) Users should not have to deal directly with the physical storage details.
            (iii) The DBA should be able to change the database storage structure or storage device without affecting other user's views
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              A Database is a collection of information (data). it can easily accessed , update and managed.The database architecture is fundamental schema and physical layer out in the database.
              the common database architectures are "Hierarchical, Networked, Object-Oriented and Relational".
              *it is not in the specialized storage organization . But it is use of database query language (DBMS).
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                Database subject area is a circle of description as well as rules that distinguishes how the information will store is information. Database architecture is named as portioned out architecture.
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                  database is a collection of data which is stored in computers for future use.the main purpose of creating database is manage data easily.i.e insert,update and delete do these operations database should be in hierarchical manner.we use relational Database.every information is stored in tables and every tables is connected with each other to gather information through query .
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                    You can also says... Database is recordkeeping system.
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                      A database is a collection of information(data) for one or more purposes, usually in digital form.
                      Types:For example
                      Cloud database
                      Data warehouse
                      Distributed database
                      Operational database


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                        As a SQL Server Developer, you face the task of not only storing data for safekeeping, but also of building performance into the database. Add to this the expectation that the more successful the application, the more it will be used, meaning a greater load on the database, which in turn will affect performance.
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                          Database architecture is the fundamental schema, or physical layout, of a database. Rooted in mathematical/structural theory, the most common database architectures are: hierarchical , Networked, object-oriented and relational.

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