Adobe Photoshop CS2 or CS3?

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  • Adobe Photoshop CS2 or CS3?

    I don't think CS3 is that much better than CS2, and I see one big advantage for CS2, you can run it out of the box with wine on linux and with CS3 you can't do that.

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    I say that CS2 is much better. And CS3 was kind of a failure. CS2 is much organized and better results. - A Free Forum Software based on PHP & MySQL l - A G-Rated Wizard 101 Fansite l - Disney's ToonTown Online Fansite


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      dude, why are still on adobe cs2 & cs3 ....when cs4 has already been released.
      although, i`ve to agree that cs2 was in good stead as compared with cs3 but i doubt the same things gonna happen again with cs4 !!

      with all the info i`ve been getting, it seems that cs4 is indeed a marked improvement from the previous versions of cs series!!!


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        if you use photoshop only for 2-d graphics work...cs2 is better than cs3...
        and if you have the skill in your hand, it doesnt really matter if you use cs2 or cs3...results will almost be same....

        as summerb said, cs2 can be run in linux, whcih is quite a big advantage...
        in the end i would say in case of graphics, your own knowledge of colours etc matters more than the software you use...


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          I like photosop cs2 better than cs3. I think its easier to use (even though I havent explored cs3 enough)
          Regarding photoshop cs4 I dont see why one has to spend so much dollars on it. Furthermore I doubt any casual user could tell which program was used to modify the image cs2 or cs4


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            Like temofab i like photoshop CS2 more like others.


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