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  • 15 Important Website Design Tips

    Here are 15 important website design tips that you might not be aware of or have overlooked. Consider taking advantage of them if you haven't already done so...

    1. Custom 404 Pages
    Create a custom 404 web page, so that any time your website visitor mistypes or misspells a URL on your site, they will still be provided with navigation options for your site (instead of getting nothing but a "Page Not Found" error message, which is neither friendly or helpful).

    2. Redirect Non-www. To www.
    Website visitors will often leave out the "www." portion when they type a URL or link to your website. Set the website up so that it automatically redirects any non-www version of your domain URLs (http://domain. com) to the www version (http://www.domain. com) of your website.

    3. Properly Sized Graphics
    Size and define all graphics and images on your web pages properly and correctly. Web pages will load quicker if the graphics contained on each page are properly defined so they don't require the web browser to re-size them. Properly sized and defined images can reduce the web browser workload and speed up the page loading time.

    4. Favicon
    Add a Favicon (favorite icon) to your website, so that your company or product logo appears in the URL box. This icon will also show up in a bookmark list, and gives the web site an added level of professionalism.

    5. Include RSS Auto-Discovery
    If you offer an RSS feed for any content on your website, be sure to include auto-discovery code in the header of your website. This will allow many browsers and RSS readers to automatically detect the presence of an RSS feed and alert the visitor that it is available.

    6. Alternate Domains
    Domain names are relatively inexpensive, so you should register multiple domain versions and extensions in order to protect your brand. The varied domains can be parked on the main website, simply to prevent others from obtaining them. Registering alternate domain versions will help protect your brand.

    7. Consistent Navigation
    Navigation should remain consistent on a website. As a website visitor moves through the website, the navigation bar should remain in the same place on each page. This will make it easier for visitors to navigate your website, and become more comfortable as they move through your site.

    8. Home Goes Home
    The main graphic, company logo, or "header" at the top of the site should be included on every page in the site, and should always return the visitor to the home page of the website. This has become a web standard, and most visitors now expect to return to the main page of the site simply by clicking on the main top graphic from any page within the site.

    9. Copyright Notice
    Include a copyright notice on the bottom of each page contained on the website, and keep it current! It may seem trivial, but an out-of-date copyright notice can send a message to your visitors that the website and its content may be out-of-date as well.

    10. Meaningful File Names
    Use meaningful file names for any files, graphics, or web pages. Many search engines look at file names as part of their search algorithm, and using keywords in file names may help to improve search engine rankings.

    11. Hyphens vs Underscores
    When naming files and webpages, use hyphens (i.e. web-page.html) rather than underscores (i.e. web_page.html) for the file names. It is much easier for search engines to separate and index the keywords when hyphens are used.

    12. Alt Tags
    Use ALT tags to describe what images represent on web pages. ALT tags not only assist visually-impaired visitors in knowing what the images are, but they also help with search engine ranking.

    13. Spell Check
    Use a spell-check feature on the text of all web pages in a website. A website that contains mistyped or misspelled words just shouts "unprofessional". Take the extra few minutes necessary to check the spelling of text on each page of your website.

    14. Test
    After making changes to a website, test it! Many times, a webmaster will upload changes, confident in their abilities, only to later discover that in their attempt to fix one thing, they have "broken" something somewhere else. Make testing a habit after making even the most minor changes!

    15. Keep It Simple
    Simple is good. Remove unnecessary clutter and distractions from a website and navigation menu.
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    KIS. my professor in college also share this tip.
    "always KEEP IT SIMPLE"
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      Very nice and excellent tips about web designing.. In addition to that, here's a tip from the heart.. In making designs, learn to love it and make it your passion..
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        Nice tips about website designing, I will surely keep in mind this tips while developing website.
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          thanks for this nice and beautiful tips.
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            simplicity is a good factor...
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              yah i agree with you.
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                thanks for true tips. it's very useful.
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                  I will try to KIS (keep it simple) Hope you all like it..

                  Top 5 tips for effective website designing:

                  1. The graphics should be so styled as to fit the content.
                  2. Front color, size and style should easily be readable. Frequent use of bold front makes the page difficult to read.
                  3. Back ground should be light to impressive visionary effect. No black writing on dark blue background or yellow on white.
                  4. The color combination should be matched with back ground color and the paraphernalia of the webpage.
                  5. Use customized graphics to make your website attractive. The graphics should serve as an appendage to the content.

                  Please feel free to post your replies..!!

                  Thanks and Good luck mate..!!
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                    Thank you all for your response.
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                      Thank you.
                      Most of people like simple design.
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                        Nice to see some one is following up that to for a post like this is good.. Can you add up some point to be kept in mind to keep away any sought of risk in web designing..!!

                        Thanks in advance.

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                          These are really helpful tips for all the web masters taht they can make successful web site. As having the proper domain name for the web site is the important task.
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                            Web site that is easy to use always encourages visitors to stay and read your content. Include the webmasters e-mail address on the contact page Viewers can report missing links or other problems. Nothing is more frustrating than links that do not work. Make sure your site is browser compatible. Your web site should look good in Netscape as well as in Internet Explorer.
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                              Make sure your font is readable. Choose the size and style of the font wisely. It should appeal to your visitors. Avoid having an eye catching background.
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