yahoo mail ,hotmail or gmail?

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  • yahoo mail ,hotmail or gmail?

    Who is the best in your opinion:yahoo mail,hotmail or gmail?
    well,i think that gmail is the best!
    Have another opinion?

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    Re: yahoo mail ,hotmail or gmail?

    In my opinio, ofcourse GMail... There is a lot of space!


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      Re: yahoo mail ,hotmail or gmail?

      Gmail is the best, but Yahoomail is more popular... and HOTMail is classic! How about that, huh?

      @ swampLT: Take note, Yahoomail already took aways their Storage Limiter, too. So, that throws up a good competition now, ayt!


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        Re: yahoo mail ,hotmail or gmail?

        i prefer gmail rather that yahoo or hotmail because of its inbuilt chat support,easy access.these days yahoo has come up with unlimited memory space.but i prefer gmail


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          Re: yahoo mail ,hotmail or gmail?

          I use gmail and hotmail. I use hotmail to talk to my friends/familly etc... But I use gmail for like business stuff. But their both great!


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            Re: yahoo mail ,hotmail or gmail?

            I think that GMail is the best; they offer 2G+ of storage and many other cool functions. I still use Hotmail for my primary email though... I'm too lazy to change!


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              Re: yahoo mail ,hotmail or gmail?

              I have been using hotmail for years and it's decent and love how intergrated it is with Windows products. However, if I was starting from scratch I would choose GMail.
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                Re: yahoo mail ,hotmail or gmail?

                Although my main email is yahoo, i love gmail. i like the fact that you have to be invited. i dont like the fact that gmail doesnt have smileys. if they had smileys, it would be great.


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                  Re: yahoo mail ,hotmail or gmail?

                  Gmail works. But you have to be invided there.


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                    Re: yahoo mail ,hotmail or gmail?



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                      Re: yahoo mail ,hotmail or gmail?

                      Originally posted by Boomber
                      Gmail works. But you have to be invided there.
                      If you are a forum visitor then you can easily request an invite as members have tons of them lying around. I personally like the usability of Hotmail.


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                        gmail ranks in at no.1 for me and then yahoomail. i have never use hotmail though
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                          gmail is the best,then comes yahoo and finally hotmail.although gmail is better but i usually use yahoo for its popularity.
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                            I definitely say gmail is the best and after that I prefer yahoo and the hotmail comes after that. I uses yahoo more than hotmail but hotmail is good.
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                              I use all three. My primary email is Yahoo. I have just been using them for the longest and like their email program a lot. I think they are the best


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